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Smart Grids

With state-of-the-art communication technology such as broadband powerline and the sensors in the grid, stakeholders of our energy systems, producers and consumers, are increasingly networked and must coordinate. With our secure and innovative BPL products, the power grid becomes a smart grid, able to withstand the demands such as renewable generation and e-mobility, and risks such as cybercrime and non-technical losses.

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Smart Grid

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SMGW 2.0 reinforces our 2023 product portfolio

2022 was a particularly active and exciting year for the smart metering industry. PPC will meet the numerous challenges and developments in the coming year with the second generation of its Smart Meter Gateway, to further strengthen our portfolio of technology and applications. Why SMGW 2.0? "Newer, higher, further" could of course be the watchwords, as in many product development cycles, but for the development of our second generation Smart Meter Gateways, other factors are the key drivers.

Smart Meter Rollout Restarts

PPC CEO Ingo Schönberg welcomes the end of the stalemate on smart metering regulations as decided by the BNetzA. "Finally!! I am very confident that the BNetzA will now tackle solutions with the industry in a timely manner and set the course for metering via the iMSys from 2023," he said.

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