PPC CEO Ingo Schönberg welcomes the end of the stalemate on smart metering regulations as decided by the BNetzA.

“Finally!! I am very confident that the BNetzA will now tackle solutions with the industry in a timely manner and set the course for metering via the iMSys from 2023,” he said.

“On the one hand, the law should emphasise that the Smart Meter Gateway acts as a safety anchor for metering and control, and that for the first time specify the concept of a setpoint specification at the grid connection point.”

The legislative package, known as the “Easter package”, aims to accelerate the expansion of renewable energies, with the share of renewable energies in electricity generation to be increased to 80 percent by 2030.

Ingo Schönberg adds, “The vision of the future “Steuern 2030″ is based on a setpoint concept at the electricity grid connection point (NAP). The distribution system operator specifies target values for purchase and feed-in at the NAP so that the end customer can actively support secure grid operation and at the same time enjoy high degrees of freedom within the limits. The transfer of responsibility at the NAP from the network operator to the end customer or the operator of the real estate is the defining element that replaces the control of individual systems of the end customer by the network operator.”