Shape the future of energy

To actively shape the future of the energy industry and deliver sustainable solutions, innovation is our top priority. As pioneers, we work every day to make our solutions and products even better for our customers.

Innovation projects

The challenges we face

We are working on innovative solutions for the successful cross-sectoral energy transition.

Smart Grids

With our innovative solutions, power grids become intelligent. With our state-of-the-art communication technologies we enable the integration of renewable energies and thus the success of the Energiewende.

Smart Mobility

The future of transport is electric. That’s why we are working on efficient ways to integrate e-mobility into our power grids, and make it suitable for everyday use.

Smart Services

Smart, value-added applications for end users, and new business models must also protect sensitive data to the highest standard. We are working with numerous partners to build applications in areas such as controllable local systems, assisted living and building security.

How we put our ideas into practice

Our innovation team works in various national and international funding projects with partners from science and business. This is where the visions of the future of energy are put into practice and are tested:

All research projects

What we do with it

Our solutions don’t just work in the laboratory. A wide variety of applications can be implemented with our products. Let’s put the digitisation of the energy transition into practice together and shape a sustainable future:


PPC Innovation

And this is just the beginning

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