The German Energy Market

In the German Energiewende, technology and regulations move forward together, if not always hand in hand. Launching a product range, or just selling components into this complex market involves a full understanding of compliance regulations, their history, and the underlying political motivations.

Let us guide you. PPC’s Partner Ecosystem supports manufacturers, service providers and integrators to navigate the strongly-regulated German energy market, based on decades of experience, consultation and business practice.

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A Healthy Ecosystem

There are many stakeholders in the Energiewende and PPC actively participates with the entities responsible for standards and norms, certification, development, such as VDE FNN, bitcom, ZVEI, IEEE , the BMWi, and the BSI.

Our customers include all the leading electricity providers (E.ON, EnBW, Stromnetz Berlin, mainova (Frankfurt) and our partners are leading device & component manufacturers, telecom providers, gateway administrators and systems’ integrators. We are active in pioneering innovation projects in e-Mobility, Controllable Local Systems, Grid Observability and more.

Progress is speeding up

Recent developments in regulations, powered by tough international conditions, mean that German smart grid and smart metering are progressing faster than ever. The integration of Renewables, Controllable Local Systems and e-Mobility are critical to energy infrastructures, and the legislation recognises that. The Smart Meter Gateway is central to these developments, and is the key to interoperability in the field. By 2030 it is estimated that 15 million SMGWs will be in deployment, the majority of them supplied by PPC.

Navigating the Regulatory Environment

It is impossible to underestimate the strategic importance of the Smart Meter Gateway to the German energy model.

Not only does it securely distribute energy data to market actors, it is also intended to form the basis of controllable systems that are essential to the success of sustainable energy generation and the expansion of e-mobility.

German utilities are legally required to deploy SMGWs for Electricity Meters with:

  • Electricity consumption of > 6,000kWh per year
  • Customers with controllable loads, such as heat pumps, electric vehicles
  • Renewable production of > 7 – 100 kW
  • Renewable production of > 100 kW
  • An estimated 15 million SMGWs* will be installed by 2030

*Prediction of the BMWK and BSI

Our partner network

All applications gateway-administration m2m-mobile-communication meters security

Our partner network

All applications gateway-administration m2m-mobile-communication meter-operator meters security