Smart Meter Gateways

Germany leads the world in smart meter data security, with the help of our smart meter gateways. These specially-developed devices ensure highly secure data communication in the smart metering infrastructure. They collect and handle smart meter data in such a way as to protect the privacy of the end customer, while providing the utility, service providers and grid operators with the data they need for their day to day business and service offerings.

Secure communication for smart metering

Our smart meter gateways provide the secure, bi-directional data communication needed for Germany’s smart grid and smart metering infrastructure.

Thanks to modular design, our Smart Meter Gateways enable the integration of all communication variants for bi-directional exchange of data between the premises and the wide area network.

PPC was the first manufacturer to receive mandatory PTB and BSI certification for Smart Meter Gateways, meeting Europe’s strictest security and data protection requirements.

PTB-A 50.8 Certified

Interfaces and applications

The SMGW offers a secure, digital communication platform. Standard interfaces give authorised stakeholders and users access to the smart meter data and the associated benefits.

Smart Meter Gateway Schnittstellen

Stronger together: the SMGW partner ecosystem

Interoperability is one of our guiding principles. From the outset we formed partnerships with innovative partners to create the most open and interoperable platform for secure smart metering.

Smart Metering Products