Secure supply chain

For the delivery of the Smart Meter Gateway a special secure supply chain is required in Germany. The goal of the secure supply chain is to avoid and detect any manipulation in the delivery process – from production to the place of installation. PPCs secure supply chain is based on stable, reusable transport boxes with a special locking system. These boxes are opened and closed using an individual electronic key and special codes that are generated in a web portal. As pioneers of the secure supply chain, we have already gathered valuable practical experience that we share in our courses.


In our workshop, the participants are informed in detail about the secure supply chain for Smart Meter Gateways in Germany. The participants get to know all process steps and specifications in detail. Discussions in the group and the answering of individual questions by our technical experts help to understand the need of the secure supply chain and to prepare the process implementation in your own company. The exchange with other utilities and their challenges helps to gain wide and differentiated insights.

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Practical Training

The practical training is necessary to obtain the formal authorization to use the secure supply chain and thus to install smart meter gateways in Germany. Service technicians and logistic staff are trained in handling the safety boxes and specifications within the secure supply chain. After successful participation they receive a certificate.

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