The German Technical Standards Authority (BSI) wants to accelerate interoperability in IoT. Known in shorthand as ‘TR-5’ a new BSI standard lays out a framework for data protection and interoperability at the local interface of the Smart Meter Gateways (SMGW) ensuring secure connections to devices used for controllable loads, submetering and other applications.

The recently-released standard (full name BSI TR-03109-5) defines guidelines for all parties involved, and aims to create clarity around interoperability and security requirements. With clear requirements for gateways to energy management systems (EMS) or submetering solutions TR-5 defines standards for a wide range of applications. This is particularly relevant in the control and measurement of distance heating, which is widely used in Germany.

PPC has been chosen for a fast track development and certification pilot, thanks to its leadership in data communications. While the requirements of BSI TR-03109-5 came into force on 1 January 2024, PPC was already preparing intensively for their implementation, due to its commitment to interoperability among controllable local systems. Thanks to this proactive approach, PPC will be able introduce further solutions with its partners into the process following the pilot procedure.

“Interoperability and security are core values of our development. Certification in accordance with TR-5 has been a mandatory part of our product development from the very beginning,” says Karen Schmid, Product Manager CLS. “We are delighted to have received positive feedback on our application for the pilot process and see this as confirmation that we have entered the race with a mature product.”