500 submeter adapters deployed in the field

The current rollout of smart metering systems in Germany is not only creating a basis for the remote reading of metered values, but also a future-proof infrastructure for a more flexible, digitalised energy world.

The CLS connection to the Smart Meter Gateway, is the communication link to controllable systems in the building. Once a secure link is established, it can be used to implement value-added services. One of these is the connection and reading of other measuring devices, beyond the basic electricity meter.

Reaching all the devices

In the submetering sector in particular, devices from numerous different manufacturers, with different communication protocols, need to be read and billed. To address this, PPC developed the “CLS Adapter Submetering”, now in its second generation. An end to end solution comprises a CLS device and software integration for accessing and securely transferring submeter data from any readable devices installed in the property.

Metering services company DIGImeto is currently rolling out 500 adapters, with more than 200 already successfully in operation. The productive rollout of the remaining adapters will continue until the end of 2023.

Julian Zilg, Torsten Kohlsdorf u. Karen Schmid (PPC) mit Ingo Stracke (QUNDIS) und Louis Richter (DIGImeto)

In the DIGImeto rollout, QUNDIS is providing the complete submetering infrastructure. In addition to the submetering solutions, this also includes the backend systems required for data processing.

As a submetering system provider for metering service providers and the housing industry, compliance with regulatory requirements is a decisive criterion for future-proof submetering. The successful project with DIGImeto and PPC shows that BSI-compliant submetering is possible via the Smart Meter Gateway, so that the requirements of the Heating Cost Ordinance can be met. An important signal for the metering services sector,” said Ingo Stracke, Business Development Manager at QUNDIS, summarizing the project.