Stadtwerke Weinheim has transformed a section of its low-voltage grid into a hybrid, IPv6-capable communication infrastructure. For the IP connection of a BPL network in the town centre, street cabinets have been equipped with PPCs BPL-LTE headend.

The hybrid device ensures secure communications within the BPL network, and establishes a reliable WAN-IP-connection for e.g. substation monitoring, the connection of CHP systems or the connection of smart meter systems (and smart meter gateways, which collect and encrypt smart meter data).

PPC’s sister company Coms4Grid is responsible for the expansion and operation of the communications infrastructure, providing full-service support.

Andreas Ernst, Head of Power Supply at Stadtwerke Weinheim said: “We are convinced that PPC’s BPL is the ideal communications platform for the implementation of our smart grid use cases. The installation and commissioning of the devices went smoothly, and we are already planning further expansion.”

BPL 4R Installation