Project Chips Building in Manchester

It’s not just an outstanding landmark, Manchester’s Chips building is hiding some remarkable technology that makes it one of the smartest buildings in the city: it can tell you if it springs a leak.

In 2011 the building was installed with a ground-breaking smart metering system that has the possibility to:

  • Read its own water meters
  • Measure water consumption in real time
  • Communicate breakdowns and leaks as soon as they occur

Chips is one of a series of trials designed to address the High Rise Challenge set by DECC, to ensure that homes in multi-dwelling units (about 20% of UK households) can take advantage of the in-home displays included in the smart meter roll out.

Manchester (England)

Automated water meter reading and control

Broadband Powerline in the low voltage network

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Chips Gebäude Manchester

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