Helping smart living ecosystems in Germany to achieve long-term growth. The project Foresight is evaluating various artificial intelligence technologies for their suitability for in smart living applications. The aim is to prototype basic services and modules in a shielded computing environment.

The appropriate AI methods, as well as the data acquisition and data preparation needed, are being implemented as prototypes for generic use cases, then tested in corresponding environments in stages, so as to be improved iteratively.

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Funded project

In ForeSight the digital economy, electronics industry and housing industry come together for the first time. The ForeSight consortium consists of companies, associations and research institutions that are working together on one of the most important smart living projects of the coming years.

ForeSight is one of the winners of the Federal Ministry of Economics’ AI innovation competition and will be funded by the BMWi until the end of 2022. ForeSight is also a theme sponsor of the Gaia-X project.



  • Smart Living concepts encompass many different, often completely separate areas.
  • The field encompasses the housing industry, technology providers, the construction industry, regulatory, trade and consumer associations, and scientific research.
  • Societal issues such as energy efficiency, and assisted living, require buildings to be intelligent, if they are to be integrated into wider digital service structures.
  • The tasks involved in controlling and monitoring intelligent buildings are complex. Malfunctions can have undesirable side effects and become very costly.

PPC’s role in the project

The is the first time Smart Meter Gateways have been used to connect AI-based Smart Living use cases. This can increase the uptake of SMGW technologies by expanding the scope of their applications.


  • Testing and demonstration of prototype hardware and software in laboratory environments and in sample apartments
  • Integration of a strong security architecture into the platform
  • Specification and implementation of interfaces needed for connecting the various devices, applications, actors and back-end platforms to the Smart Meter Gateway
  • Creating a basis for new markets

Project partners

  • ZVEI e. V.
  • Aareon Germany GmbH
  • Robert Bosch GmbH
  • IoT connctd GmbH
  • German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
  • dormakaba International Holding GmbH
  • easierLife GmbH
  • Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
  • Dortmund University of Applied Sciences
  • GdW Federal Association of German Housing and Real Estate Companies
  • GSW Society for Housing and Housing Baden-Württemberg
  • Insta GmbH
  • ixto GmbH
  • KEO GmbH
  • Strategion GmbH
  • Goethe University Frankfurt
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