Enera – the next big step to a sustainable world! The project focuses on two aspects: breaking free from established structures, traditional thinking, and old approaches, and ensuring the stability of the energy supply. In a broad-based network of partners consisting of new and “classic” players from the energy sector, the enera consortium is dedicated to creating a stable, economically optimised energy system in the model region of north-west Germany. The key points are technological development, networking using new market mechanisms, and full digitalisation. The result will be technical and digital interaction between the grid, the market, and data to produce an incubator for the energy transition.


Main tasks of PPC for enera:

  • Linking decentralized producers
  • Control of heating systems
  • Automation of decentralised storages
  • Development of an app to illustrate energy consumption
  • New services for end users
  • Further development of Network Management System
  • Data security mechanisms for large-scale ICT infrastructures
  • Security architecture and server infrastructure
  • Procedure for Big Data Analysis

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