CLS Gateway (HKE)

With the Controllable Local Systems (CLS) Gateway and the integrated HKE, a wide variety of applications can be easily connected to the German smart metering system. In its function as a unit for Home Area Network Communications, the CLS Gateway already fulfils all requirements for communication with the CLS interface of the SMGW.

The gateway provides two possible use cases:

  • As a proxy function to connect your IP device, or
  • To integrate your own software applications into the open development environment directly to the gateway.

Powerful and flexible

The independent and interoperable structure as well as free communication interfaces make the CLS Gateway a powerful and flexible platform for your applications.

CLS Gateway Vorteile
  • Usable as unit for Home Area Network Communications
  • Proxy function for connecting IP devices
  • Freely programmable application environment
  • Free communication interfaces
    • 3x ETH
    • 1x wMBus
    • 1x RS-485
  • Linux operating system
  • Supports HKS 3, 4 and 5
  • Native connection to the Smart Meter Gateway
  • Compatible with all German “External Market Participant” systems

The platform for your applications

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