open ECOSPhERE – Cashless loading to make Electric Vehicles more attractive

Using broadband powerline to exchange real time information about energy availability opens up a range of possibilities to make electric vehicles more attractive.

Project open ECOSPhERE proposes a revolutionary ICT infrastructure that will allow electric vehicles to be used as storage for renewable energies in the grid, and is exploring options for secure, cashless loading, and cross-charging between entities in the network.


A consortium led by RWE has moved to the next phase of its €10.5m project open ECOSPhERE, supported by 4.9 million in funding from the German Ministry of Economics and Technology.

Open ECOSPhERE developed service-oriented ICT applications for the optimal integration of electric vehicles in the energy systems using renewable energies. The resulting energy management system is complemented by the development of ICT-based comfort services such as new payment methods or even new reservation systems.

Consortium partners:

  • RWE Efficiency GmbH (leader),
  • Continental Automotive GmbH, Ewald Consulting,
  • Power Plus Communications,
  • RWTH Aachen,
  • SAP
  • Technical University of Dortmund
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