The IEEE Standards Association has published IEEE 1901 – 2020. This revision ensures the availability of a stable standard for broadband over powerline (BPL) communication technology for a further ten years. Without major changes, this revision keeps supporting key use cases such as Smart metering  and Smart Grid and opens further fields of application like Internet of Things (IoT). The standard is already in widespread use for smart grid applications.


The IEEE 1901 Access BPL communication standard was specifically established to meet the needs of utilities, and enables stable broadband communication with devices in the smart grid network, connecting devices in the last mile and closing gaps where wireless technologies are less reliable.

The differences between access and in-home broadband powerline applications, include addressing methods, clock synchronisation, smart repetition, quality of service, power saving, and other access unique mechanisms.


New functions in IEEE 1901-2020 include: Adaption of band plans extending the scope of the standard to IoT and even more specialised Smart Grid application.


Power Plus Communications has been an early member of the IEEE 1901 working group and a driver in the access workgroup since 2005. The company continues to uphold the value of powerline communications of all standards, as a reliable complement to the communication portfolios of utilities and in-building automation companies, and new application areas such as e-vehicle charging. This extension is welcomed by PPC’s customers and partners active in the development of powerline projects.


“We welcome this extension by the IEEE which will allow the continued development of projects for our powerline customers, internationally,’ said Managing Direct Eugen Mayer.

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