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Smart Metering

Electricity meters become smart with the help of our communications technologies. Our smart meter gateways and communications technologies ensure highly secure data communication. This offers data access to the end customer, the utility and other stakeholders without compromising end user privacy or endangering the security of the grid.

As the rollout of smart meters proceeds, and even where smart meters are not available, we are helping our customers to achieve their data communication goals efficiently and successfully, supporting them in all processes related to the planning, installation and operation of the communications infrastructure.

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Smart Metering

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Smart Metering News

  • EnBW Unterzeichnung Kooperation

PPC to provide first 10,000 devices to EnBW

PPC will provide Smart Meter Gateways (SMGW) – keystone devices for German Smart Metering and Intelligent Metering Systems (iMsys) – for an initial pilot in Q2 2017 leading to the nationwide Smart Meter Rollout scheduled to start in Q3.

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