In-house Wireless BPL modem

(Component of the German Smart Metering System)

The in-house wireless broadband powerline (BPL) modem builds a flexible broadband network for secure data communication in the building. It can use the existing power grid in order to avoid complex construction work.

  • Networking of devices and data transmission in the building via the existing power cabling
  • Enables hybrid broadband powerline and wireless solutions
  • For reading meter and submeter data
  • Leverages infrastructure for additional multi-use applications
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Inhouse Funk BPL Modem

Smart Buildings and Connected Neighbourhoods

Together with a strong partner network, we are extending that secure data communication model to smart meter rollouts beyond Germany and Europe. Our development partners benefit from our experience of combining high security standards with the most open, interoperable platforms. Our gateways ensure that the only the appropriate data from local devices is shared with stakeholders and service providers, with end-to-end encryption.

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