Smart Grids

Communication – paving the way for change

With energy and environmental objectives paving the way for a complete transformation of our energy supply, we see a clear movement away from fossil and nuclear power in the direction of renewable energy sources and electric vehicles – offering a reduction in CO2 emissions.

The variable nature of renewable energy sources demands more sophisticated grid management and grid balancing technologies.

In order to preserve the security of supply that we have become so accustomed to, it is necessary to ensure that a balance between the electricity supply and its consumption is successfully maintained.

Smart Grids: all components and applications networked by BPL technology

Real-time – Efficient – Standardised: BPL Communications enable Smart Grids
Smart Grids are the solution. A powerful communications platform creates an ‘Energy Internet’ which allows the integration of various applications such as Smart Metering and Smart Homes. It also brings significant benefits, including load transfer, flexible tariffs, better energy management as well as energy savings and cost transparency.

Smart Grids represent the energy supply of the future – and are already available today.

In order to build a robust Smart Grid, it is essential to have an efficient communications infrastructure, which enables data transmission in real-time, provides scalability for new applications, is efficient and much more. PPC’s broadband powerline technology is the optimal solution for Smart Grids.

Experience – guaranteeing a secure future

We have made significant advancements in the development of Broadband Powerline Communications technology for Smart Grids and have successfully established the largest BPL network worldwide to date.

Today, our BPL systems can be found in Smart Grids throughout Europe and the Middle East.