PPC's G4 Broadband Powerline System

Digitalisation has become part of core strategy for utilities, and data-driven business models are becoming the norm.

Daily, retrospective data readings are no longer adequate. Sophisticated communications are needed everywhere in the grid; at lowest cost for daily reads in smart metering, and at the highest performance for real-time network management and customer services.

In the last 10 years PPC has overcome these limitations. The 4th generation of our BPL system fulfils the need for stable, high performance communications for smart metering, with the low cost of powerline.

BPL now offers the best availability and accessibility to applications anywhere in the power network. It can be installed without the need to coordinate with third parties, transforming the grid infrastructure itself into an Ethernet communications platform.

Broadband data transmission from devices to utilities’ data centres, without intermediate storage in concentrators, enables two-way communications with customers and also allows end-to-end encryption using advanced security standards such as TLS. With the development of the German standard Smart Meter Gateway, PPC has become a leader in the field of smart meter data security and privacy.


  • Robust: The broad frequency bandwidth (approximately 1,000 OFDM carrier frequencies) offers maximum robustness against interference, with plenty of bandwidth for Big Data applications.
  • High availability: the BPL network automatically adapts to grid conditions, enabling easy automation and operation. Dynamic routing and repeating in meshed- networks ensure maximum availability.
  • Plug and-Play: Gateways are quickly and easily installed using standard tools without local parameterisation. The rest is done through meshed networks.
  • Remotely manageable: PPC’s Network Management System (NMS) enables detailed monitoring and status analysis of each individual BPL connection (channel and network analysis) as well as integration with existing systems thanks to SNMPv3.
  • Cost efficient: BPL is the most cost effective communications solution in major roll out scenarios, and provides an easily scalable platform with low operating costs.