BPL Modems

Rugged BPL Modems

Rugged BPL modems are designed for the tough conditions of LV and MV distribution grids (overvoltage category IV). Their design is made for live line installations. Optional Ethernet (RJ45) and BNC interfaces enable the connection of backbone or MV couplers as well as RTUs or other measurement and control devices.

Direct Current BPL Modem

Designed for data transfer over medium voltage grids, for substation monitoring, and substation automation.

Compact BPL Modems

Compact BPL modems in DIN rail casing have been developed to be fitted into meter cabinets (over voltage category III) for smart metering. Integrated Ethernet, RS-485, Wireless-M-Bus or ZigBee interfaces can easily connect meters of all manufacturers and types.

Meter Integrated BPL Modules

Small BPL modules designed to fit into standard meters enable future proof metering in real-time.

With BPL inside, meters automatically become part of a Smart Grid and meter data is immediately available in the backend systems.

Prepayment or remote disconnect functionality can easily be implemented.

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Smart Energy Gateways

The smart energy gateway is designed for the connection of smart energy applications and appliances e.g. for the control and monitoring of energy consumption or production.