PPC's Smart Meter Gateway

Germany leads the way in the smart meter roll out

The compulsory Smart Metering system to be implemented in Germany by 2015 will be made up of a combination of communications networks and meters with the new Smart Meter Gateway connecting the two. The millions of metering systems to be installed must meet data privacy and security requirements as set out by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

A central component to the smart metering roll out is the Smart Meter Gateway (SMGW) which provides the interface between the end user and the market agents, meter operators and DNOs. The SMGW not only guarantees data protection to the end user but also secured access to Smart Grid applications.

PPC, together with top digital security specialists OpenLimit SignCubes, was one of the first to offer a BSI-certified Smart Meter Gateway.

Advantages of PPC’s SMGW:

  • BSI Certification completed
  • Secure encryption – guarantees data protection
  • Cost efficient multi-dwelling solution – one SMGW can serve several households in one building
  • Compact design – quick and easy to install – watch our installation video
  • Multiple WAN Communication modules integrated:
    BPL Communications
    Mobile Communications