Voltage Regulated Distribution Transformers

Distributed renewable energy in the low voltage network can generate voltage fluctuations which can have harmful effects on transmission and grid quality. Continuous decentralised monitoring of network conditions, based on local sensors, guarantees consistent network quality and protects network investments.

The energy sector faces the challenge of integrating new power generators such as photovoltaic systems, and co-generators, into existing distribution grid structures in a safe and cost-effective way. At the same time, it is important to meet the growing performance requirements of new technologies, such as e-mobility and heat pumps.

Both goals need intelligent, decentralised energy and grid management systems that can react to the requirements of the grid and avoid over- or under-voltage, as well as operational disruption.

A Case Study

iNES intelligent distribution grid management is the first true smart grid platform that equips the grid with a modular, autonomous measurement and control system.

The entire in feed and load flow situation is controlled in real time, and deviations can be fixed to achieve continuous balance with the minimum of intervention or downtime.

Intelligent transformers (voltage regulated distribution transformers) can already be used to manage voltage fluctuations in the network, but they can also be used to dramatically increase the efficiency of renewables.

By uncoupling the low voltage grid from the medium voltage grid, it is possible to use the entire voltage range allowed within regulated parameters e.g. ±10%. This increases the capacity of the low voltage grid by to manage feed-in of renewables such as photovoltaic installations.
As much as four times more renewable energy can taken up, without risk to infrastructure or assets.

Real-time communication with BPL
A prerequisite for decentralised control processes is that the monitoring and control is performed in real time.
The high bandwidth and low latency of Broadband Powerline communications (BPL) allow real-time data transmission on the low-voltage grid. BPL is also robust and scalable for additional applications.

PPC has delivered communication solutions for projects and partners, including;

  • iNES intelligent network stations by SAG, at Mainova
  • A.Eberle
  • E.ON Avacon and Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen
  • Siemens’ project “Augen im netz“ (Eyes in the Network)
  • The ANA project at RWE AG with PSI Nentec